Top 10 Benefits of bulk voice call service

Top 10 Benefits of Bulk Voice Call Services

Bulk voice call services refer to a pre-recorded voice messages that can be listened from a mobile or a landline number. With a very easy process, you can make a voice message which can help to call an unlimited number in just one go.

Bulk Voice calls Service has a very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, eCommerce, politics, etc. Size doesn’t matter but quality does matter in these sectors as your information must reach everyone and quality should be high so no one misses the information. 

 It also helps to keep track and earn a huge profit. It is a simple and fastest and cost-effective method.

 Voice broadcasting facility helps your enterprise to enter its desired market.

 It helps in reaching the target audience directly by the communication device. With the bulk voice SMS or voice call service

Key Features of Bulk Voice Call Service:

  •   Billed only on answered calls.
  •   Voice Calls are Delivered only on Indian phone numbers.
  •   Same Pricing for landline phones and mobile phone calls.
  •   Customized Voice clip.
  •   9 am to 9 pm Delivery.
  •   DND Numbers Filtered.
  •   Treated as Marketing Route Gateway.
  •   Voice clips need to be provided by the client.
  • Let’s see how can it be helpful for a business:

1. Customer Friendly

If your target customer resides in distant corners of the globe, voice broadcasting gives the flexibleness to personalize your language & message consistent with that region. 

This helps in adding a private touch to your messages. Every business looks for a gentle customer base and with the assistance of voice broadcasting, every single message you would like to convey finds a receiving end.

2. Message Uniformity

Message inconsistency is that the most vulnerable part of broadcasting, an outsized organization with an enormous staff assigned for an equivalent task may tamper with the consistency and authenticity of the first message leading to a scarcity of transparency within the process.

Voice broadcasting helps to stop this drawback by transmitting voice recorded information, after quality & credibility assurance from the dedicated authorities. 

3. Easily Affordable

Making an impactful change within the running of a business is complemented by a hefty cost, Voice broadcasting, on the contrary, reduces your found out the cost. As cloud telephony companies provide software that supports your telephony services with no additional hassle of fixing phone lines or allotting a positive resource to form 1000 calls.

Bulk voice call service provider also offers add-on value services like the admin management portal or calls analytics graph to make it an honest buy. One of the best bulk voice call service providers is CloudBuzz B2B Solutions Pvt. Ltd

4) Collects true response

The best point that creates a difference is the real-time response that it collects from the customers, members, prospects, and employees. It’s quite simple that whenever you call anyone then it’s a direct conversation where the user straightforwardly shares his/her view. 

It collects real-time and reliable responses from them and even turns them into your direct customer. Nothing can be more fruitful than it as here you make a direct deal and that too from any part of the world with your few minutes of conversation.

5) Multiple languages

Another point that makes it best among all is its multiple language functionality. Unlike, other platforms you are no more restricted to use Hindi or English. In it, you can communicate with your users in your language like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, etc. This is one of the best and most effective ways of targeting potential and local customers. Even it gives users a personalized and engaging experience for the users.

6) Schedule Calls

Another facility that it provides is the call scheduling functionality. There is no need to dial the phone number all the time. You can schedule calls with our advanced software that enables you to put a call scheduling system that dials calls to the customer on your scheduled time. In it, you can also track your performance and scale your results. All the details appear on the dashboard.

7) Send notification when required through bulk voice calls service

Voice calls also make reminder calls to the customers so that not a single chance will be missed to grab its business advantage. Businesses use it for reminding their customers about their bills, EMI, insurance premiums, and more.

8) Automatic dialer

Despite dialing the numbers where error possibilities are more, CloudBuzz B2B Solutions’s voice call software has an automatic dialer that automatically fetches the data and calls the customers. Just like in the case of BPO where all the callers have been given the user contact details and numbers are dialed automatically whenever required.

9) DND & Non-filtered gateways

In the voice calling system, software always contains the filter that separates the DND customers. Though you can also send them calls if considered important and positive response possibilities are high and it’s the job of a marketer to identify from where you are likely to get a positive response.

10) Rich & easy control panel

When it comes to the operations and maintenance of voice call software then it’s a piece of the pie due to its easy-to-control panel. You are only required to follow its simple guidance, set it accordingly and the rest of the job will be done by the software.

No dialer No agent- As we have discussed above that it’s an automatic call dialing system as all the contact numbers are stored in the software. In addition to this, there is no agent involved in the calling and as well as conversations. It’s inbuilt with the features that dial the customer automatically with no human interference.

Here are some business fields and industries that are currently taking full advantage of Bulk Voice Calls systems and continue to reap their benefits;

1) Finance and investment

  1. Bank 
  2. lending institutions, 
  3. Real estate,
  4. Insurance

2) Communication Services

  1. Telecom companies,
  2.  Internet providers, 
  3. Call center industry, 
  4. Telemarketers

3) Food & Hospitality

  1. Food Delivery Service
  2. Hotel and Resorts
  3. Bars and Restaurants

4) social Sites

  1. Dating lines, 
  2. Adult entertainment, 
  3. General helplines

5) Clothing & Apparel

  1. Luxury Brands 
  2. Retail

6) Building & Construction

  1. Restoration Services, 
  2. Engineering and architecture, 
  3. Housing and property developers

7) Healthcare

  1. Hospitals & Clinics, 
  2. Allied medical services, 
  3. Pharmaceuticals

8) Education

  1. School & Universities, 
  2. Research Centers, 
  3. Tutorials & Special Classes, 
  4. Specialized Examination Centers

9) General Services

  1. Government Services, 
  2. Professional Services
  3. Property Utilities, 
  4. Service Providers, 

10) Travel, Leisure & Entertainment

  1. Airline Companies
  2.  Travel Agencies
  3.  Ticketing Offices:

Voice SMS helps you to enhance your business. You can share your information with customers, clients or with your friends, and any other group. It is the way where you can express your emotions, your happiness to the person you want. You can let your customer know about your events. You can send wishes to your friends through voice SMS. It’s an inexpensive way to be in touch with your friends and family and even a safe way to send the message.

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