What is WhatsApp’s marketing and how is it done?

what is whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing Similar to Email Marketing, it is an effective platform to bring together disparate perspectives. Promising the sending of media rich bulk messages, Whatsapp Marketing has emerged as the latest trend in the online marketing, it connects with the target audience providing real-time support. Adopted by numerous companies, it enables not only better functioning … Read more

What is a virtual IVR number service?

virtual mobile number

Virtual Number is a 10-digit mobile number that it used for Business communication. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Now when a business has an IVR integrated to its Business phone number aka Virtual number, it is said to have a Virtual IVR number service. Each of us know that a customer is 70% more … Read more

Best IVR Service Provider of India

best ivr service provider

For a company, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. And for that IVR has proven a great tool, not only for the customers only but for the company also. Let’s understand first:- What is IVR? Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by … Read more

Top 10 Challenges & Solutions Of A Call Center

challenges & solutions of a call centre

There are a couple of challenges that the top management has to face on a day-to-day basis. Because call centers are the world’s toughest work environments, this is not surprising! Many call centers are facing such challenges as a hurdle in the path of achieving goals.  Call Center Services of the Call center industry is … Read more

What is an API & How it works?

what is an api

You might have wonder how easily two different websites can share the data or how can you book flight tickets from amazon or Paytm kinds of platforms. This happens with help of an API. You would know something about API but here I am going to tell you all about API in deep down detail. … Read more

What is an IVR & how it works?

cloudbuzz b2b cloud ivr service provider

You must have asked yourself many times that what is an IVR and how it works, complete know about IVR, and find out how it can help in your business. Customers are getting supportable and friendly environment, it becomes a huge factor of success in a business. ¬†This is an irreplaceable positive point of a … Read more

Which is Better Bulk SMS or Bulk WhatsApp

sms or whatsapp

Bulk SMS or Bulk WhatsApp, which is better for marketing to increase your business? Messaging is the most popular source of communication. messaging is done more than the telephonic conversation. Now comes the point of the source of messages.¬† The most popular one is WhatsApp, the famous messaging app. Whatsapp is the most commonly used … Read more

Top 4 Tips On How CRM Can Help In Education Business

With technological advancements, we are looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that can become a solution for our customers and help companies manage them with a pinch of personalization. But due to lack of resources, maybe, we prefer outsourcing this significant operation to the contact centers. What is so different about them? Well, they … Read more