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What is an IVR Service?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is an automated Call Management Solution. IVR initiates interaction with customers with a personalized greeting while offering a category of menus to select the desired query.

Interactive Voice Response (Cloud IVR) is an automated telephonic communication system that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes the calls to the appropriate recipient. It is a cutting-edge communication mechanism that allows a previously recorded voice to communicate with your customers, business associates, and third parties through voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad. It means, when you call, the voice on the other end will be computer-generated.

There are two types of IVR Service:

  1.       Single-level IVR: It is the simplest form of IVR. In this type, one can add a single layer of IVR to the call flow. Single IVR is apt for simple use where one input is enough to connect an agent or prompt a message. Hence, it is pertinent for small business entities.


  1.       Multi-level IVR: It catapults your inbound calling mechanism to the next level. It is perfect for large companies. It has multiple layers of IVR in the call flow for streamlining the communication flow of your business. In addition, it acts as an auto-receptionist with several self-help features.


Our state-of-the-art Cloud IVR System (Cloud IVRS) accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides apt responses in the form of voice, fax, call-back, e-mail, and other media.

How our IVR Service works?

Streamline your business communication process with our robust IVR solutions!

Cloud IVR system, you can personalize your message based on your customers. Suppose when a new customer is calling you for the first time, you can play a different greeting from the person who is calling for the second or the third time. Our powerful IVR system helps you personalize your communication process as it triggers the most relevant information for your customers to listen to.

Using our Cloud IVR system as an effective channel, you can gather valuable feedback from the customer. This information can be used to improve the customer experience.

You can be available 24 x 7 using our cloud IVR system. For example, you can set up a greeting that your office is closed and mention the work hours. This will help your customers call back during your business hours. Also, you can trigger the message for particular concerns of your customers by asking them to click a specific number- say click No. 9 for product defects, No. 8 for exchange issues, and so on, so that you can have an idea of their concern even before you receive their actual call later.


This method allows your customers to pay for services availed using their mobile phones. From ordering movie tickets to home delivery, almost every industry verticals have used IVR for payments.

If cash of delivery orders are not verified, they incur enormous expenses for companies. Using our Cloud IVR, companies can ensure the customer confirms the order before it goes out for delivery. This saves time, human resources, and money for your organization.

Our Cloud IVR is fully automated and is the easiest method to communicate with people of all languages without hiring people who speak all different languages

Our smart and cutting-edge Cloud IVR ensures your customers speak to the right person who can help them with their concerns. The easier it is for your customers to connect to the right person, the happier they will be, and a better customer experience is established.

With our robust Cloud IVR, all your customer has to do is to call the number given by the company, punch in his user ID and get their order status. This makes the process simple for your customers as they can quickly get their order status in no time, and also, there is no human intervention, thus reducing the need for extra manpower for the company

With our automated IVR system, your business communication process is streamlined. Your staff can concentrate on other key working areas and direct their efforts for reaping high returns for the company. This boosts the efficiency of the organization.

Why our Cloud IVR?

Ensure seamless and efficient communication solutions between your customers and your business from Cloud IVR

Empower your business with the Power-packed Features of Cloud IVR:

  1.  Cross-platform compatibility: Our Cloud IVR works everywhere – use on laptop, cell phone, tablet, or mobile App.
  1.  Starts with ease: You can start the system with ease. Activate your account, upload the contacts via the website and begin calling.
  1.  No need for landlines or PRI: All calls made via SIM. The only cell phone is needed.
  1.  No upfront costs: There are no upfront costs involved, and there is no need for extra infrastructure, servers, and IT departments to handle the Cloud IVR. It is a simple system that can be taken easily.
  1.  Live call monitoring dashboard: Review your call center’s performance by keeping a check on the live status of active, on-hold, and disconnected calls.
  1.  Built-in text to speech: Dynamically convert written texts into audio messages to synchronize your message scripts with the customers’ needs.
  1.   Professional voice-over artists: Our dedicated voice-over professionals ensure that your brand gets high-quality IVR recordings for every business need.
  1.  Great customer support: We provide 24-hour online support without any maintenance issues.
  1.  Live call recordings and reports: With inbuilt CRM and lead manager, you can view/listen from anywhere and from any platform.


Automate your business communication and handle innumerable calls seamlessly with our robust Cloud IVR.

What We Offers You

Customized IVR

We also have extensive experience in offering customers customized IVR solutions. These client-specific solutions help in meeting the project’s defined objectives and assists in meeting up the demands of specific call center technology that needs to be employed in the involved call processing services. 

Virtual Number

A virtual phone number is a secondary telephone number associated with a certain telephone unit, handset, or subscriber. It is not directly associated with a telephone line and is not the actual telephone number but rather one that is used for forwarding calls to a pre-set number. 

Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Panel is a cost-effective solution for lead generation. A customer makes a missed call to express his interest in the services or products offered by the vendor, that call automatically gets disconnected after a single ring, and a pre-recorded welcome message gets played which can be heard by the customer.

Benefits of IVR Solution

Guide your customers to the right agent, through multi-level category menus assisting them to resolve their queries faster.


Offer Personalized Experience

Personalize customer interactions through welcome greetings such as their names, while predicting their needs based on past interaction history.

Easy to Set-up and Activate

With a smart plug-n-play solution integrate your existing CRM software for easy access.

Be Omnipresent

Forward all customer calls to agent’s mobile numbers, as well as landlines to manage business calls from anywhere.

Generate More Leads

Keep up with the customer’s requirements ensuring more leads and customer loyalty through a rapid iteration process.

Enhance Brand Image

Enable your callers to talk to experts as per the options selected from the offered menu of multi-level IVR.

Manage Large Call Volumes

Handle large call volume by connecting to multiple customers automatically at a single time via advanced multi-level IVR.

Feature of IVR Solution

Call Recording

Record every call in real-time to listen to them later and maintain quality standards.

Call Routing

Call routing enables the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call routes to the free agents to reduce customer wait time.

Concurrent Calls

Respond to an unlimited number of concurrent inbound calls at a time to reduce customer wait time.

24 x7 Customer Support

Offer 24×7 uninterrupted support to your customers via record messages and provide instant query resolve


With Cloud B2B Solution, I can easily track FOS activity and manage all field leads and calling through Cloud B2B Solution. Previously, my PRI based system would go down anytime without any notice. But, Cloud B2B Solution gives me SIM card based calling with speedy and efficient pace of work with no downtime
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