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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS messaging is a legacy description for application-to-person SMS messaging services. It refers specifically to the sending of a large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients.

What We Offers You

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used by every business and institutes to send customized marketing and advertising SMSs to their customers.

Businesses promote their services while generating customer interest by engaging with the target audience.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is an automated SMS service sent by a business as a response to an action or event initiated by a customer.

It is also used to improve interaction with the customers by offering real-time alerts and confirmations for bookings and orders.

SMS API Integration

Automate sending and receiving SMS from any website, CRM, or application. Access SMS APIs with sample codes

Send SMS with your registered sender IDs. Build brand image in market. 

How Can We Help You In Bulk SMS Software

We can configure both promotional and transactional SMS routes for you, at no additional cost. We ensure you deliver the best bulk SMS service for your business. We help you to generate Sender ID

Benefits of Transactional SMS

Send transactional SMS anytime to notify your customers and keep them updated on their transactions.

Saves Time

No manual input is needed for every message, the predetermined auto-trigger can initiate the message.


Transactional bulk SMS has limited character messages, making it easy for the receiver to read and take action accordingly.



Send reliable transactional bulk SMS across any location, ensuring 99.9% uptime and guaranteed delivery.

Benefits of Promotional SMS

Increase your customer engagement and business profit with promotional messages


Launch Text Message Promotions

Enhance your business marketing with customized promotional bulk SMS.

Customized Messages

Customize your promotional messages as per your target customers based on your campaign requirement and industry.

Cost and Time Efficient

A low cost channel to reach a larger customer base in less amount of time.

Feature of Bulk SMS

Real-time Delivery Report

Receive instant confirmation report on the messages sent and the status on its delivery in real-time.

API Integration

Integrate it into your software to avail seamless functioning and scheduling auto sending of the messages.

99.9% Delivery Rate

Bulk SMS sent by our software is fully delivered on mobile numbers through cloud-based technology. 

Refund for non delivered SMS

Get a refund of credit for any non-delivered Bulk SMS in 48 hours

Mandatory DLT Registration: According to TRAI regulations, all businesses that want to send SMS must register on the operator DLT platforms. 


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