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Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Non Profit Organisation (NPO) is a group, organisation, non profit establishment or non profit entrepreneurship of individuals, activists, voluntary and social persons. NGO or NPO is a social voluntary organisation of social activist, group of persons, community, persons, volunteers, civilians and citizens who are working or associated for social welfare and social development. If a group of person or community want to work for social change and on certain issues it can work as NGO without getting registration. NGO can be registered or can not be registered. NGO is recognised in its registered form and can get all kind of support including financial support when it is registered at Government registering authorities. NGO can be run, managed and operated by the members and other persons who are associated with it and work for social and ethical objects.

NGO works for the betterment and upliftment of socio-economically and politically weaker section of community to bring them in the main stream of society and move the society towards more improved and developed way of living and existence. As a community group and organisation NGO provides and fulfills certain services, development oriented tasks and works with aims and objectives to bring about required positive changes in society, community, areas and situations.

NGO helps and supports people for their legal rights and powers in society. NGO supports, maintain sand governs the status of Government organisations, ministries, departments, agencies, authorities for the aim, task, rules and purpose those are formed and running for; this is done in legal and democratic way and with people participation pattern to fulfill common interest. NGO is known and works for people’s participation in various required issues and tasks to support and improve the circumstances, conditions and situations.