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SMS promotions are the future. In a cellular world of over 275 million users, about 160 million are using SMS text messaging. All forms of text messaging are looking at substantial growth from 2011 forward. It may be the largest single technological revolution this generation has ever seen, but also it is allowing many people to be connected and marketed toward with things they might really want.

SMS tend to be pretty tech savvy, so SMS users know how SMS marketing works. This may be why it growing even more popular globally, the user has some control of the technology. Whatever the reasons, SMS promotions are the way to advertise. This type of marketing allows for tagging of demographics from different pools than standard marketing or text messaging ever has.

Most modern advertising has already moved in this direction, as SMS gets a higher read rate per message than standard text messaging. Actually SMS message promotions have a 95% rate of being read. That means read at the time the message is received by the user, which is very high and much more accurate in target marketing. Standard text messaging has the disadvantage of being routed or selected out before it reaches the email user, therefore much marketing can be wasted incidentally. This is a clear reason that SMS promotions have advantages over other advertising; the marketing is better targeted towards readers that will actually see it. This always makes advertising more effective and less expensive also. In some ways standard text messaging is becoming a thing of the past, but it will still take time before the market is significantly affected by such technological changes.

It is not that standard text messaging does not work, just that SMS promotions tend to get more clear results. This leads to more clearly directed marketing towards the users, but mostly it translates to advertising that is seriously directed towards them as individuals or businesses. The future of marketing and advertising will utilize SMS promotions with nearly all networks worldwide. Users will become more accustomed to SMS marketing and look for it as part of standard protocols online. SMS promotions are slowly becoming an accepted norm in the waves of new technology change the retail landscape. There are a great many business applications and file sharing applications that make use of communications similar to SMS promotions in strategy. These are all things that SMS communications allow for individuals or businesses alike. The global marketplace will be dramatically changed by this factor in business.

SMS marketing is becoming more tailored as it utilizes search engine indexes and newer technologies. Not only are SMS promotions the future of advertising, but they are also the new way to tailor advertisements to the users. It is the end of marketing as the world knows it. One day all marketing will be a form of modern SMS promotions and users will be glad for the convenience it offers. Users in the future will love how SMS promotions enhance their online and mobile communications.