Best IVR Service Provider of India

best ivr service provider

For a company, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. And for that IVR has proven a great tool, not only for the customers only but for the company also.

Let’s understand first:-

What is IVR?

Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the caller through the telephone keypad or their voice response.

The choices of the caller decide the actions of the IVR — it can provide information or, if the issue is more complex, route callers to a human agent who can better handle their needs.

If you ever called a business phone number and had been answered by an automated greeting, which proceeded to interact with you via some pre-recorded message, then you know what an IVR is.

Benefits of interactive voice response

IVR technology can benefit both large and small businesses in the following ways:

1) Saves time and money:-
IVR technology can replace humans to answer frequently asked questions or to provide commonly requested information — such as directions, hours of operation, etc. — that doesn’t require critical thinking skills.
2) Greater customer satisfaction:-
IVR technology eliminates wait times by responding to a caller immediately.
3) 24/7 service:-
IVR technology can operate without any interruptions and is available to provide information to callers whenever they need it.
4) Reduce operational costs:-
IVR systems will replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents. They are also very affordable, will increase efficiency, and will reduce operational costs, so the ROI is huge.
5) Increase professionalism:-
You can use an IVR system to greet your customers in a very professional manner and to make it appear that you have more departments and employees than you actually have.

Cloud service

Cloud IVR solutions give your callers an enriching calling experience by providing quicker and smoother assistance. It attends to every caller without any fail and greets them with a personalized message. These messages set the tone of your customer interaction by infusing trust and warmth.

With cloud IVR’s guided menu structure, your callers get handled with utmost professionalism. Blend of self-service and talk to agent options provides callers with diverse ways to resolve their queries. The self-service option lets your caller find answers to the questions on their own, minimizing any dependency on your agents.

Cloud IVR solutions also minimize call overloads of the agents by intelligently identifying, segmenting, and routing the calls to the agents. Filtering out basic queries, it forwards only the complex queries to the agents.

Scaling your calling channels is effortless with Cloud IVR solutions. Unlike legacy systems, you don’t need to worry about the hefty infrastructure costs to scale your calling capacity. With Cloud IVR solutions, you can scale up your calling channels in minutes without additional effort.

With call recording, barging, and analytics features, cloud IVR solutions is an exhaustive customer service product that caters to every calling need of your business. Besides, you get a comprehensive view of all the ongoing activities such as call logs, call recordings, and more, on Servetel’s web portal and mobile app.

Best IVR service providers in India:-

1) CloudBuzz B2B Solutions
Cloudbuzz B2B Solutions is providing cloud-based services to 2000+ customers. Our solutions are user-friendly, effective, and viable for customers. The professionals in the team are experienced in their specialized fields and it has enabled Cloudbuzz B2B Solutions to offer the products efficiently.

2) Fonebell
Fonebell offers comprehensive communication solutions to help meet customer expectations and sound professional. Their reliable on-premise communication tools establish smooth communication within the organization to boost business productivity.

3) Microtel
Microtel enables people to reach each other, businesses to find new markets and everyone to fulfill their potential. Across India, they provide Voice SMS, Bulk Text SMS, Interactive Voice Response(IVR) System services for everyone, and much more for businesses.

Exotel is the building block that helps you stay in touch with your customers efficiently over calls and SMS. A Cloud Telephony Platform trusted by 1300+ companies of all sizes.

5) Ozonetel
Believe in building brands on intelligent cloud telephony solutions. Ozonetel also believes that communication doesn’t have to be as complex as it is. Their core offerings – CloudAgent and Brand Agent – redefine, simplify, and enhance the way in which you communicate, connect, and engage with your customers.

6) IVR Guru
IVR Guru provides easy control on clients as well as employees. Accelerate business with a faster pace and less effort with IVR Guru.

And others.

7) Wemonde
Wemonde is one of the fast-growing and leading global it service provider company in Gurgaon. They offer website and application development, digital marketing, technical strategy consultant, and mobile solution services in India. Wemonde Pvt Ltd specialized in Testing, Digital Marketing, Mobile App and Consulting.

8) Ameyo
Ameyo is an all-in-one software-based communication solution, from Drishti-Soft Solutions, that manages end-to-end customer journeys. A powerful and highly flexible IP-based contact center software that lets you have a personalized interaction with every customer across multiple channels.

9) Nandini Infosys
Nandini Infosys provide Tally accounting software & simplify your business applications with automation to solve your business challenges through our innovative solutions.

10) Winner Technology Services Pvt. Ltd
A company with the complete solution of your requirements & gives you assured commitment of time to time delivery of products or services.

11) Servetel
Servetel is the leading cloud telephony service provider in India that facilitates you with cloud telephony solutions for all your business needs. We spark your business communication with our economical, innovative, and handy cloud solutions.

12) MyOperator
MyOperator uses the power of cloud telephony to provide virtual and toll-free numbers to small and medium enterprises. Its cutting-edge technology with call management features like call tracking, call recording, live call transfer, callers’ database, and virtual receptionist enables clients to establish a working cloud telephony account in 30 seconds.

13) Knowlarity
Knowlarity is a comprehensive cloud-based telephony system. It allows businesses to easily handle calls for internal and external communications.

Customer experience is all about the overall quality of your customer’s exposure to a company.
It’s important that you keep the customer’s experience positive to sustain your business. Happy customers tend to turn into loyal customers. Beyond that, customers with a positive experience with your company can become ambassadors for your brand, which in turn can lead to more customers.